Artist Statement

IMG_6604I’ve had this reoccurring dream from the time I was young. In the dream, I am standing on the beach as waves wash over my feet. I look down and watch the wave recede back but this time–something big is coming.  I stand and watch as the wave is pulled further and further back, all the way out to the horizon.  There is no stopping it—it’s here, this huge wave, fear, anxiety-it’s coming.  Shimmering objects begin to reflect light, drawing my attention away from the horizon. As the wet sand begins to turn a brighter grey, I see these objects, glistening all around my feet. I stand very still, looking down and lost in wonder, I am captivated by the most gorgeous seashells that I have ever seen.  I pick one up and bring it closer toward my face, twirling it between my fingers. I am mesmerized.  For this moment, this beautiful shell will become my reality. More and more of these precious objects begin to emerge up from the sand. I feel as if I have never really seen these before—they are so perfectly designed, such intricate patterns, so much to explore in this one piece. I grab another shell, my eyes follow the perfect radial pattern, the delicate symmetry.  I grab one after the next, eager to see, and my arms are now full, clinging to these shells.  I wish I could hold more. I slowdown in this moment hearing a deafening crashing sound. This one is spectacular. I’m drawn in, twirling it between my fingers. I take a deep breath, a closer look- I have transcended fear. I stand, awake.


My artwork is inspired by symbols from my dreams, subconscious thought, and from personal states of being.  Working realistically, I hand sculpt stoneware and porcelain clay sculptures, such as moths, barnacles, or flowers. With each new project, I embrace a new processes in porcelain and stoneware clay. I use glaze surfaces as well as not traditional surfaces such as adhesives, sand, and dirt. Multiple pieces are re-imagined as a whole, and assembled as clusters, blossoming or decomposing, placed together intuitively, creating a wall sized design.