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Artist Statement

I create work that embodies transition and takes a viewer on a journey where ideas about reality shift.  In my installations, sculpted shoes exist with nature, where barnacles, moths, or flowers are conduits to a place of connection and beauty.  Garments become metaphors for relationship between mind and body, as well as body to nature.  Many hand-made pieces come together to redefine realities, between recalling and recoiling–where beauty, intrigue, or repulsion are intertwined.  My work intends to redefine social, physical, and spiritual self, and to incite a process of change.  As a tool for transformation, I have created art as a way to gain a greater connection to self and understanding of human nature.  I embrace new methods with each work, intrigued by the versatility and endless possibilities of clay and resolving unexpected challenges with each installation.

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Casey Parkinson is a ceramic artist from Hammond, Louisiana.   She creates contemporary sculpture, installation art, as well as wheel-thrown functional dishware using porcelain and stoneware clay.  She received her BA from Southeastern Louisiana University and MFA from Louisiana Tech University.

Her pottery and sculpture has been included in national juried exhibitions, at venues such as Louisiana’s Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans Contemporary Art Center, River Oaks Art Center, and at LSU’s Student Union Gallery, where she was awarded first place at the 20x20x20 National Compact Exhibition. She has has been recognized in publications such as United Hemispheres Magazine, CFile, and The New York Times, and is currently Artist in Residence at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.